No, I don’t mean in the relationship sense, I’ve got that one down – signing up to 25 years of London mortgage together will do that to you!

My word for 2015 was “learning”.  I wanted to read more; I am and always will be, a complete book worm, usually averaging a book every two weeks, but, for reasons unknown, I had only read a handful in 2014 so I wanted to re cultivate the habit of reading.  I managed to read 24 books in 2015 and the ones that made most impact can be found here*.

I specifically wanted to learn more about myself.  It was the year I turned thirty, changed jobs and considered an entire career change…it was a big year, although I only had an inkling of all of this at this time last year.

I thought a lot about the career change; I currently work with people, which I enjoy, but there are other aspects of my job which I am not so enamoured with.  I had been seriously feeling as if I was being called to become a counsellor; this had led to a lot of soul searching in late 2014 so I decided to bite the bullet and in January 2015 I enrolled on an introductory course at the City Lit which taught me more about myself than I had ever imagined.

I learned that I like to please, I have trouble saying “no”, I don’t like confrontation, I am an authority and people pleaser which leads to some stress and anxiety and I learned about how I cope with that.  I plan to write more about all of this at a later date, I mean, who doesn’t not like parts of their job and who knows what they’re being “called” to do (what does that even mean?)??  To be honest, even as I wrote that, it all sounded a little self indulgent, a little first world, but for now, let’s just say that I found it fascinating and I have decided that it is definitely something I would like to pursue, the wheels are now in motion to hopefully make this a big part of 2016.

In 2014 I kept a gratefulness diary; again, this deserves a post of it’s own as it was part of a new commitment to “live my faith”.  However, in 2015 I expanded on this – I read the entire Bible with the help of a reading plan and app at She Reads Truth.  This was a great learning experience for me, totally overwhelming at times, but wonderful to be able to share with a community of women who were reading the same verses and generously providing their insights into the meaning and interpretations of the text.  During Lent I also completed two separate studies, one through my church, and another through the same app, both were insightful and helpful to my faith journey.

I am excited to enter 2016 with a new word – committed.

I want to be committed to writing/blogging, committed to continuing bible study, committed to reading more (26 books being this years aim), committed to pursuing the possible change of career and all the many shifts and changes in focus and priorities that will inevitably lead to, and finally, on a more personal level, as I am now thirty, committed to more exercise and healthier eating**.

I will also be attempting to say “no” to social activities more, not only will this help my financial state of affairs, which, for a thirty year old, working, professional woman are somewhat dire – blame that mortgage, it will also help me with tiredness and a feeling of being overstretched.  As much as I love being out and about in London with all that the city has to offer I also need to recognise that I need time to wind down and relax at weekends after a busy week of working and commuting.  So wish me luck with this one, it’s probably going to be the most challenging, particularly as all my weekends in January are already booked up.  Great start.

I am excited for 2016, there are lots of goals I want to accomplish!

*I hope, technology is hard.

**I’m sure I have this one every year, but hopefully with the added pressure of having to look good in a bridesmaid dress in June I will be more, shall we say, committed?! I know, I know.  Perhaps I should be committed to working on my jokes.


N.B. Image is my own; that’s me, considering the view from Cubar Edge, Peak District in October 2015, chanelling my inner Lizzie Bennett.



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