10 Things About Me

  1. My favourite colours are grey and yellow; but, when asked I always answer blue or green.  I have no idea what this means or says about my personality.
  2. I love reading; I am an unashamed book worm.  I read every day – novels (of a wide variety), blog posts, non fiction books (mainly about Christianity or Feminism, or both), articles.  Always something.
  3. In a similar vein I become very attached to fictional characters both in print and on screen.  Shonda Rhimes slays me. #derekshepherdgonebutnotforgotten
  4. I daydream.  A lot.  I am always off imagining something, building my own stories and narratives.  I have done this since I was a little girl when before I was two I had imaginary friends, it is both a wonderful thing and has the power to be damaging, in the sense that I struggle to live in the “now” and appreciate all that I have.
  5. I don’t worry about ageing, I look forward to it.  I value wisdom and kindness above all things and I look forward to the day when I have wisdom to pass on to others and can also rock a purple fur coat and a red beret, just because I’m 90 and don’t care.
  6. I believe in magic, miracles and the power of love.
  7. If I hear a song on the radio or on my ipod I can happily sing along, knowing all of the words.  If you ask me to sing that song or ask me who sang it or the name of the song at a random time, I can’t help you.  Unless it’s a Rod Stewart song or something I listened to on repeat for a period of more than two weeks at a time (examples of this include Boys II Men “End of the Road”).  I don’t know why my brain works like this.
  8. Similar to Glennon Doyle Melton – I feel like I might be called to do big things for God, like working for and helping  others, possibly by being a counsellor.  However, I have trouble doing small things for God, like not being judgmental about judgmental people.  See 9.
  9. I get very angry about people who are racist, misogynistic or plain ignorant and are mean to others; basically those who do not act with love.  My response to these people is decidedly un-Christian – i.e. I imagine saying nasty things to them and calling them out because they make me MAD.  I know that these feelings might be justified on some level, but my extreme anger is something I need to work on.  I need to be more understanding of people and perhaps focus on asking God to help me communicate with them.
  10. I am a crier.  I cry a lot.  Probably about 3 times a week.  I cry at the news, YouTube videos of kids with disabilities, at random acts of kindness or any examples of anyone showing humanity and love.  As a favourite writer of mine says I am “elevated to tears” on a regular basis.

3 thoughts on “10 Things About Me

  1. i DON’T think grey is boring, by the way. I love it! But other people might think it too boring. But I’ve never known you to be too bothered by what Other People think, so this is probably something else. Oh! We need to talk about this.


    1. I think when I was younger my favourite colours were blue and green and I am still partial to those, particularly navy as you well know.So I think it’s part habit and part that maybe some people wouldn’t see grey as a “colour”?! Maybe..


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