What I’ve been in to this Summer…

Summer already feels like it’s waning, we’re about to move into one of my favourite months, September.  Before we get there though, a little bit of love an appreciation for what I’ve been up to:


It was my middle sister’s wedding in June and what an absolutely gorgeous day it was!  It was a traditional English County Wedding at my parents’ house in Kent,  it was a lot of work to get the marquee set up to look as polished and as beautiful as it did, and a fair bit of running around on the day to ensure everything went smoothly, but it was so.much.fun!  Exactly what a wedding should be.  Also my sister is an absolute beauty and looked stunning in her Watters Wtoo gown, plus she dressed us bridesmaids in jumpsuits, which is, you know, totally the coolest thing ever.


Vocation Coursing

As I mentioned before I went on a Vocations Course through my church throughout most of June and July.  It was my favourite night of the week and I feel so much more at peace about a career change now – I still don’t exactly have all the answers, more complicated by seeing an old friend last weekend who threw a new suggestion/path into the mix which I am investigating thoroughly, but I am happy about it and feel at peace with moving forward.

Days out Visiting

So I have been to Brighton a couple of times to visit friends who live there, it’s always nice to be by the seaside and be still for a bit, even better if you can eat an icecream from Scoop & Crumb whilst your there.  Brighton is fab for general British seasideyness but also for having cooler stuff – lots of live music and a good night out if that’s what you’re looking for.

N.B. The below photo was taken a couple of summers back.


Madge, Chick and I also went to the Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery at Lavestoke Mill  for a fun packed day, with lots to see and learn about gin.  Obviously this ended in a gin based cocktail picked for you from the smells you had identified as liking earlier in an interactive part of the tour.  All very enjoyable!

Below is some old style gin bottles and various gin glasses that were on display:

Smelling all the different flavours and choosing ones before our cocktails were made for us:

Finally, me enjoying my cocktail (very much):


I would really recomend this as a good day out for a group of friends, we had a lot of fun.

Carl and I have also ventured up to Birmingham to visit friends back a the beginning of the month and I went home for my birthday weekend, which involved a gorgeous barbeque in the garden and toasting marshmellows as the sun went down.

Carl took me to visit Higate Cemetery which is somewhere I have always wanted to go since reading Audrey Niffeneger’s “Her Fearful Symmetry” and Danny Wallace’s “Charlotte Street” (very different books, both very good, both feature Highgate Cemetery). It was in equal parts fascinating and creepy.

Odd Mothering

I have become an Odd Mother (instead of God Mother) to a wonderful little girl which is both humbling and very honouring.  I hope I do a good job.  I plan on introducing her to Anne of Green Gables, Pollyanna, Jo March, Aslan and Harry Potter as soon as possible, so I think that’s a good start and I’m pretty sure her actual parents would agree.

Seeing friends and relaxing

Always an important combination!


Stranger Things.  So so hooked!  Peaky Blinders, which I loved and we have just started Making a Murderer.  We realise we are late to the party.


So much.  This month mainly “Lean for Life” by Louise Parker, which I am currently doing, and actually enjoying!

I also particularly enjoyed:

Being Mortal by Atwul Gawande and The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins which definitely lived up to the hype.


Funny Girl. Go and see it.  Sheridan Smith gave one of the most powerful and emotional perfomances I have ever seen.

Even though I haven’t had a huge amount of time off I have enjoyed this summer immensely.


I am not sure why September is my favourite month but I think it might be down to the fact that September always feels like a New Start, a bit like January, I think it’s the back to school, harvest time.  I also love the weather, you get some grogeous long harvest days but the temperature drops a little signalling the start of autumn, my favourite season.

I am already planning away some wonderful Hygge activities for autumn, I am thinking: baking, wedding planning, cosy writing time with a pot of tea, preparing the garden for winter and focusing on all those projects I am yet to complete before the end of the year.  I’m all excited just thinking about it!

I plan on reading The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking and have already ordered it ready for September.  If you are unfamiliar with the concept of “hygge” it is basically happiness or comfort, anything can by “hygge” cosy nights in with a loved one drinking hot chocolate, for example.  Hygge is a theory born in Denmark, apparently the happiest country in the world.  

Also The Great British Bake Off is back – what could be more Hygge?!  As soon as the six weeks of my Lean for Life shred is over I am planning on baking again!  Can’t wait!

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