Ten Things You should Know Before You Plan Your Wedding

  1. It’s your day.  The celebration of your marrying the person you love most in the world and committing to spend your life together and the day is about both of you and your love.  It can be as big or as small as you want, traditional or less so, weird and wonderful, just as long as you love it.  That means the planning can take as little or as much of your time as you want it to.  Try not to get swept up in “what we should be doing” mentality.
  2. There is lots to do when you first start planning and then: nothing.  For a reeeaallly lllloooonnnngg time and then: Boom.  Everything needs doing in 8 weeks.  During the quiet time of planning when you have done all the big things and now can’t do any of the small things this is when people will constantly ask you how wedding planning is going and you will begin to panic that you should be doing more,  surely there’s something you can do – should you start making the edible favours now 9 months before the big day?  You shouldn’t and no.
  3. Play to your strenghts – rubbish at art?  Don’t attempt to handcraft all of your invites, place names, favours and decorations – find willing friends/family who are good at these things to take over the task whilst you supervise (winning).  Great at spreadsheets and contignecy planning?  Colour code to your hearts content, write information sheets and circulate amongst those who need to be “in the know” on the day.
  4. You don’t have to handhold your guests in their organisation if you don’t want to – we’re all adults, you’ve provided an information sheet, there is such a thing as THE INTERNET and GOOGLEMAPS.  They’ll work it out.
  5. It will cost more than you think.  Have a budget and a contingency.  Prepare to go over both.  Try to do so with a smile on your face becuase at some point, you just have to accept it!
  6. People will have an opinion on what you should do, who you should or shoudn’t invite, whether Auntie Mabel should really sit next to cousin Sarah after the “wig incident”, what your “theme”should be or the fact that you aren’t having colours or a theme (controversial!).  Most of these people will not be putting their hand in their pocket, so don’t worry too much about their opinion.  It’s your day, not theirs, do what you want.  They will get over it, I promise.  However, pick your battles.  IF it won’t make that much difference to the enjoyment of your day or your expenditure then decide if it’s worth allowing that boundary to be breached in order to make your life easier, if it’s an absolute “no”, then as carry on as you wish, firm in your “no” and your reasons.
  7. You will either love dress shopping, or hate it.  In any event try to find shops reccommended for friendly staff who will let you try on a variety of things so you get to know what you definitely don’t want and who won’t pressure you into anything and/or treat you like a time waster if you don’t love anything!
  8. Agonizing over your playlist is absolutely worth it.  Agonizing over the bridesmaid’s shoes is not.
  9. Food is important, make sure people will not be left hungry.  The more food the better, always.
  10. The same applies to booze.

Happy Planning!

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